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Imagine getting this call from your doctor...

"Good news. You are officially free of all symptoms of Thyroid Disease! Congratulations, what ever you have been doing, keep it up because it's working!"

All without drugs or invasive surgery...

It might sound crazy to you now. But it is possible!

How do I know this? Because I did it myself and for people just like you.

Learn how you can put Hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease) into remission for life without surgery or medication.

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Video (6:45 min): Thriving with Graves Disease

How it Works

My goal is to try to get to the underlying cause of the problem, and do more than just manage the symptoms. While symptom management is important, there are many people who are taking medication, or receive other conventional treatment methods unnecessarily.

Deeper Understanding

What is Graves Disease? We'll dive into your thyroid dilemma and help you create a comprehensive plan that will help you bridge the gap between healing, lifestyle and medicine. I explain whats happing to your body and why your changes in mood swing dramatically because of your disease.

Conventional vs Natural Treatment

I may be guessing here, your doctor has probably presented you with three options: Surgery, Radiation Iodine Treatment or daily Hormone intake… But there is a little-known “fourth" alternative that myself and many others have used to completely reversed Graves Disease, a condition that officially has no known cure.

Searching for Reassurance

I get it! None of us want to make the wrong choice and not having all the information is scary and can prevent us from making the right decision. This call is your opportunity to fill in the missing pieces and help you make better decisions.

"Graves disease CANNOT be cured as some have suggested it is with you for life. It can be controlled and can stay in remission for a lifetime, so it is NOT the end of the world but you do have to learn to live with it."

– Sonja Michel Graf

The 6 Keys To Success

With Graves' Disease

I focus on natural treatments and strategies you can apply immediately, helping you manage Graves' disease symptoms naturally.


Eat Anti-Inflammatory Food: Eat well to control your disease


Avoid foods that triggers autoimmune reactions


Manage your stress levels


Quit Smoking


Get some exercise


Lower your exposure to Environmental toxins (such as typical home cleaning products)


The simple visual explanations and done for me meal plan are amazing. I no longer focus on all the foods I can't eat but indulge everyday and I am thriving.

Thank you Sonja!

– Yasmine Ghoraschi, Switzerland

Who Is This For?

I understand the sense of urgency that you may be feeling now. My experience has taught me that the fastest results are achieved through personal contact and is why I have set up this unique platform for people wanting to reach out for help.


You have just been diagnosed with Hyperthyroid or Hypothyroid and want non-bias information and advice


You want to learn more about Thyroid disease (Graves or Hashimoto's)


You have a pending deadline from your Doctor but still not sure if the treatment is the right choice for you?


You want to make a better and informed decision about your thyroid treatment that includes healing with nutrition


You simply want to talk to someone who grappled Graves' disease head on and is living with it in real life everyday


You're already on thyroid medication and looking for a complementary therapy to support your overall well being


Seeking an alternative treatment to heal your thyroid and not just manage the symptoms


Ways to keep your thyroid disease in remission

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This is Not For You If:

Although I would love to talk to everyone, unfortunately this is not for everyone, therefore this call may not be for you if:


If you have not been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism by your doctor


If you are looking for free recipes


If you have already had your thyroid surgically removed


If you are searching for a 'quick fix' or 'miracle' treatment (Stop searching it simply doesn't exist)


Not open to making changes to your lifestyle to heal your thyroid


Looking for a diagnoses. (If you think you have a thyroid issue please contact a doctor as soon as possible so they may perform some tests)

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I have Graves' Disease and felt terrible when I first started the treatment. I had no energy and all I wanted to do was sleep all of the time. After beginning treatment I felt great and had more energy, I feel better than I felt since my early 20s. and I’m sleeping again throughout the night. I was very skeptical about natural treatment methods at first. But I’m almost back to normal again and I feel great, and I’m glad I made the decision to try the nutritional way. I couldn’t have made a better decision. I’m so thankful for Sonja because she really changed my life. Natural is the way to go! 

– Anna, Copenhagen Sweden

Why Am I Doing This?


Because I'm angry! Angry at the old ways of doing things with the same poor results time and time again


I'm frustrated! There is so much BS out there that it's almost impossible for any normal person to correctly educate themselves and not get confused. Much of the information is misleading, only partly correct or purposely confusing


I often ask myself , How many women could have saved their thyroid (one of the most important organs in our body)....


My mission? Prevent unnecessary hardship. I do this by getting to the underlying cause of the problem and not just managing symptoms. Educating and equipping people with the right tools is key to this strategy. Healing your thyroid naturally is possible and works.

Control your Graves' Disease and keep it in remission for a lifetime!!

Video (3:30 min): Sonja and her Graves' Disease story

Who Am I?

Hi Sonja Michel Graf here.

I am Swiss registered nutritionalist specialising in nutritional thyroid healing and plant-based coaching. About 9 years ago, around the time my second son was born, I became very sick. What I thought was a heavy bout of flu was diagnosed by my doctor as Graves Disease, an autoimmune condition that results in an overactive thyroid gland. The effects of Graves Disease were devastating and very nearly caused the breakup of my family. As if to emphasise the bad situation, my doctor gave me 3 unappealing options: these options would merely manage the symptoms of my condition. Not satisfied with the 'standard' solution, I took matters into my own hands and after almost a decade of intensive research, trial and error. I've completely sent my chronic disease into remission without drugs or invasive surgery. I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to helping others with thyroid diseases to do the same.

I earned my degree in Nutrition at Juventus School for Medicine in Zurich Switzerland and live on the Lake of Zurich with my husband Stephan and our 3 young boys.

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